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What is Discraft?

Discraft is a game that runs as a bot within the Discord App. You can mine / chop / dig, craft unique Tools.pngTools, collect exotic Materials.gifMaterials, or even travel to new Dimensions.gifDimensions! For details about the bot itself, or to add it to your own Discord server, see the top.gg website. You can also join the Official Discraft support server by using this invite link.

Where do I begin?

Once you have found a Discord server to play Discraft on, whether it be your own or someone else's, or the main Discraft support Discord, you should locate the appropriate channel for sending bot commands in (possibly called #bot-commands or similar). The first message you should send to the bot, to get your game started is 1start. The bot should respond with something similar to below...

Sample-output started-adventure.png

You have now been given your first Tools.pngTools, which will be the Wood AxeWood Axe, and which allows you to chop down some trees. You can use the 1chop (or 1c as a shortcut) command to chop wood. Once you have chopped 25x Any wood.gifwood, you can craft a Wood pickaxe.pngWood Pickaxe, by using the command 1craft wood pickaxe. To use your new pickaxe, you will need to switch it into your active hand, with the 1switch wood pickaxe command. You can then swing it with the 1mine (or 1m as a shortcut) command to mine stone.

Switching back from the pickaxe to the axe is not as easy, if you have already used the pickaxe. All tools other than your initial wooden axe will require repairing first before you can switch away from them! To repair your tools, use the 1repair command to see the cost and then after use the command 1repair confirm to actually repair it.

When you feel as though you have gathered enough materials, you can sell them for Coin Coin, by using the 1sell command. You can check on your inventory with the 1inventory (or 1inv as a shortcut) command.

Where do I go from here?

Once you are familiar with the basic concepts of gathering materials, selling them, and crafting new tools, you can explore Discraft further. A great place to start is to see the various Locations.gifLocations in the game, and the different Dimensions.gifDimensions that you can visit, such as the Nether dimension.gifNether and the End dimension.gifEnd. You'll also want to learn about the Tools.pngTools that are available in Discraft. If you're ready to delve even deeper, you should have a look at Trading.pngTrading and Clans.pngClans as well. Enjoy life, mine away and have fun!

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