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About Me

I've been playing Discraft since 19-May-2019. Previously I have played Discord Miner for a couple of weeks as well. I play a lot of Minecraft on my Xbox 360 Classic Console, but I don't have Xbox Gold, so the best I can do is SSP worlds. I live in Auckland, New Zealand 🇳🇿 (apologies to any Flat-Earthers here, but "a land down under" does exist!) but my timezone isn't the usual GMT+12 (or GMT+13 for Daylight Savings time) of my fellow Kiwis. My own personal timezone often tends to reflect that of my online friends. I have plenty of free time at present, without the bonds of school, work, or social life to tie me to a normal "sleeping-at-night" cycle.


I don't trade often within Discraft, but I do hold a small surplus of the following items. I'm listing below the 1sell Price of each item as a comparison. This is the price that I could get for each item if I just sold them directly back to the game itself using the 1sell command. The next column is my asking price for these items in the trading market. I usually price my items for sale at 2.5x the 1sell price, to make it worth my while trading. I am currently in the Radioactive leagueRadioactive, so I can trade with players from...

Item 1sell
My Sell
EmeraldEmerald 10Coin 25Coin 100,000
LapisLapis 13Coin 32Coin 10,000
CoalCoal 2Coin 5Coin 10,000

Current Trade Offers

  • Trisquelwhare coal chest

    I have coal for sale fairly regularly.

    CoalCoal in shipments of 10,000x @ 50,000Coin each. That's a per unit price of 5Coin each, which is 2½x the 1sell price of 2Coin each.
  • I'm looking for 10,000x RubyRuby. I can offer 2x the 1sell price for them, so I'm offering 300,000Coin in total for these rubies. Please ping me in the #trading-channel or send me a DM in Discord.
  • I am desperately seeking 3,775x Blood woodBlood Wood and 3,775x Nether quartzNether Quartz to be able to unlock the Exotic pickaxeExotic Pickaxe. I can offer 2x the 1sell price for them, so I'm offering 302,000Coin in total for these materials. Please ping me in the #trading-channel or send me a DM in Discord.
    Thanks to @Martijn for hooking me up with these materials!

Current Goal

Currently I am working towards buying the Radioactive PickaxeRadioactive Pickaxe, which costs $2.5Tn Coin.

Radioactive pickaxe82%
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