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The MerchantTraveling Merchant is a VillagerVillager that you find randomly while selling he has a 1% chance to show each time you sell a item/items. Every time he comes he will show a list of 5 out of 10 items.

<Amount you get, per purchase> <Item> for <amount of <item> you would pay> <Merchant's stock>
x1 Mythic lootboxMythic Lootbox for x25,000 Molten-steelMolten steel (Limit 1)
x1 Ultimate lootboxUltimate Lootbox for x4,800 Molten-steelMolten steel (Limit 2)
x1 WarpWarp for x200,000 EmeraldEmerald (Limit 3)
x1 End portal frameEnd portal frame for x22,500 EmeraldEmerald (Limit 4)
x1 Eye of enderEye of ender for x22,500 EmeraldEmerald (Limit 4)
x1 ObsidianObsidian for x5,000 EmeraldEmerald (Limit 5)
x1 TntTnt for x900 RubyRuby (Limit 5)
x10 Auto drillAuto Drill for x900 RubyRuby (Limit 5)
x10 Discraft keyKey for x20,000 LapisLapis (No Limit)
x10 Discraft keyKey for x4,500 RubyRuby (No Limit)

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