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Trading can be used to help friends out, or sale/buy rare materials from other users. It is difficult and time-consuming to advance very far in Discraft without the aid of Trading with other players. While selling your materials with 1sell is the heart of commerce in Discraft, the soul is definitely trading with other players.
  • You can set up a trade with 1trade @user
  • You can cancel a trade with 1trade cancel
  • Check the current contents of a trade with 1trade info
  • You can only trade with the Leaguesleague you're in, the league below you, and the league above you.
  • Do realize though, if you trade with somebody that's not in your league there is a 20% tax on all materials/coins being sent in the trade.
Most Clansclans, (and the main Discraft Discord server), will have a channel dedicated for trading. This helps others quickly find trading partners. Remember that your trade partner needs to be located on the same Discord server where you are currently trading. You cannot send trades between different Discord servers!
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