The Top-donatorsTop Donators are the wonderful people who have Donatingdonated the most financially to Discraft. These people have received the rewards for their donation tier, such as the Donator toolsetDonator Toolset, and have received the thanks of the developers. They also deserve the respect and thanks of the whole Discraft player community, and that is why this page is here to recognise them. The top donators are announced on the #top-donators channel on the official Discraft Discord server.


@Robo has donated a grand total of $375 to Discraft, and has the Mod Commands.


@Nils has donated a grand total of $22 to Discraft.


@SharkRoysterssManEatsUrLiver has donated a grand total of $21 to Discraft.

Very Helpful

  1. These users help us keep a good server up and running!
  2. They keep the developers motivated!

How to donate?
You can donate through our Patreon:

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