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To use this template, copy the following code and fill in the appropriate fields. For the profile pic (avatar) to work properly as in the example below, the template must be placed on your main user profile page.


{{Infobox player profile


{{Infobox player profile
|image1={{User Avi|{{PAGENAME}}|128}}
|caption1={{PAGENAME}} in Discraft.
|clan={{Paradox clan infoicon}}
|league={{Pulsating Star League infoicon}}
|dimension={{Galactic infoicon}}
|pet={{Sheep infoicon}}
|prestige={{No Prestige infoicon}}
|pickaxe={{Eclipse Pickaxe infoicon}}
|axe={{Wither Axe infoicon}}
|shovel={{Diamond Shovel infoicon}}
|sword={{Diamond Sword infoicon}}
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