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This template displays the specified text in the color specified by the donator tier passed as a parameter.


Name Description Default
{{{tier}}} A Discraft donator tier, one of: Neon, Ruby, Golden, Coal, Beta, ToolPack, or ModTools. None
{{{text}}} The text to be displayed in the chosen donator role's color. None


  • {{DonatorTier|tier=Ruby|text='''@Ruby Donator'''}}
@Ruby Donator
  • {{DonatorTier|tier=Neon|text=[[Image:Neonite.png|16px]] '''Neon Donator''' [[Image:Neonite.png|16px]]}}
Neonite Neon Donator Neonite

It is also possible to style entire paragraphs with this, by using multiple lines, but you'll need to add some HTML elements, and escape some common wiki markup using <nowiki> tags, such as...

|text = <span style="font-weight:bold;">
<nowiki> - </nowiki>Anyone who donated before we added the extra donator tiers.<br>
<nowiki> • </nowiki>Has image/Link perms in chit-chat.<br>
<nowiki> • </nowiki>Permanent access to donator channels.</span>

- Anyone who donated before we added the extra donator tiers.
• Has image/Link perms in chit-chat.
• Permanent access to donator channels.


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