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The store in Discraft is where you go to obtain specialty unique tools, particularly those designed for use in the various different DimensionsDimensions.

Before you can purchase an item from the store, you will need to unlock the relevant tool set, using the appropriate 1unlock command. For example, to buy the Sapphire pickaxeSapphire, you would first need to unlock the Sapphire tool set with the 1unlock sapphire command, at a cost of 200x AcaciaAcacia, 400x Red sandRed Sand, and 200x EmeraldEmerald. After that, you can purchase the Sapphire pickaxeSapphire from the store, at a further cost of $35,000 Coin. The different tool sets cost increasingly higher amounts of resources to be able to unlock, and the items within each tool set similarly costs increasingly more Coin Coin.

Not every tool set is complete. Some only contain a PickaxesPickaxes, while some also contain the ShovelsShovels and AxesAxes to complete the set.

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