Discraft Wiki

In the Official Discraft server there are Staff badge.pngStaff that make/moderate/help the server and bot. The different staff roles are Owner, Lead Moderator, Moderator, and Helper. Each role has its own job.

Role Descriptions

@Owner - The owners of the Bot and server. Anyone with this role are the original Creators of the bot! Only fully trusted role, any sensitive information send to them.

@Lead Moderator - Obtained by being VERY active, always helping users, know the bot in and out. And, know how to use the moderation bots.

@Moderator - Server Moderators answer questions in #support. Moderates the server. Can be obtained by being fully trusted, very active and helping a lot of users.

@Helper - They help users whenever possible. Helpers are here to help and answer as many questions as they can. Can be obtained by helping users in a timely manner in #support.

Current Staff

Avo.png Affluent Mods.png


Riley.png Steve.png