Ah,The Sapphire League the one league when you wait till the next league to open those LootboxesLootbox its the highest league of its category (Iron leagueIron,Diamond leagueDiamond,Sapphire leagueSapphire)

You can get it by having 35,000,000 Coin Coin

Its Trade limit is 12,500,000 Coin Coin

Wood leagueWoodStone leagueStoneGold leagueGoldIron leagueIronDiamond leagueDiamondSapphire leagueSapphireRuby leagueRubyPulsating star leaguePulsating StarPearlescent leaguePearlescentNeon leagueNeonRadioactive leagueRadioactiveHyperNova leagueHyperNova League
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