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Rare lootbox Rare lootbox is the third worst lootbox and like every other lootbox its league based

None league to Gold leagueGold-125,000 Coin Coin, 12,500 EmeraldEmerald, 7,500 LapisLapis, 2,500 CoalCoal, 875 RubyRuby cost 0 Discraft keyKey

Iron leagueIron to Sapphire leagueSapphire-500,000 Coin Coin, 85,000 EmeraldEmerald, 50,000 LapisLapis, 7,500 CoalCoal, 2,200 RubyRuby cost 2 Discraft keyKey

Ruby leagueRuby to Pearlescent leaguePearlescent-2,500,000 Coin Coin, 500,000 EmeraldEmerald, 350,000 LapisLapis, 25,000 CoalCoal, 7,850 RubyRuby cost 3 Discraft keyKey

Neon leagueNeon to Radioactive leagueRadioactive-15,000,000 Coin Coin, 1,750,000 EmeraldEmerald, 1,250,000 LapisLapis, 75,000 CoalCoal, 17,500 RubyRuby cost 4 Discraft keyKey

There is a 8.9% chance to get a Rare lootboxRare lootbox out of a Uncommon lootboxUncommon lootbox

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