When you reach level 150 and already have Prestige2Prestige 2 you will be able to do your second prestige with 1prestige. Prestige3Prestige 3 comes with some perks and side effects.

Perks 200% More coinCoin, 85% More exp., and 85% Off all EnchantingEnchantments, and 2.6% permanent chance of chance of mini boss, x3 to all coinCoin donated to ClansClans, x5 dmg in mini boss

Side effects You get a full data wipe (Except event tools/Beta pickaxeBeta/Donator toolsetDonator Toolset/Crystalized flare pickaxeCrystalized Flare), you get reset back to Level 1, and you lose all level roles and Prestige2Prestige 2 and gain a Prestige 3 Role.

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