Normal lootbox Normal lootbox also called Common Lootbox is the worst lootbox and like every other lootbox its league based

None league to Gold leagueGold-1,500 EmeraldEmerald, 750 LapisLapis, 250 RubyRuby cost 0 Discraft keyKey

Iron leagueIron to Sapphire leagueSapphire-7,500 EmeraldEmerald, 35,000 LapisLapis, 625RubyRuby cost 0 Discraft keyKey

Ruby leagueRuby to Pearlescent leaguePearlescent-35,000 EmeraldEmerald, 20,000 LapisLapis, 22,500 RubyRuby cost 1 Discraft keyKey

Neon leagueNeon to Radioactive leagueRadioactive-125,000 EmeraldEmerald, 100,000 LapisLapis, 5,000 RubyRuby cost 2 Discraft keyKey

LootboxesLootboxes in Discraft
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