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Rileyjpet1 | [[Staff|@Moderator]], [[Staff|@Bug Exterminator]]
Rileyjpet1 | [[Staff|@Moderator]]
Avo Discraft | [[Staff|@Discraft Dev]]
Avo Discraft | [[Staff|@Discraft Dev]]
Robo The Robot | [[Staff|@Senior Mod]]
Robo The Robot | [[Staff|@Lead Moderator]]

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Use this page to customize the tags that appear on user profiles. Separate usernames and tags by a pipe (|). To display multiple tags for a user, separate each tag text with commas. Write each username on a new line.


ExampleUsername | Trainee, Newbie
ExampleUsername2 | Guru

Rileyjpet1	| @Moderator
Avo Discraft	| @Discraft Dev
Robo The Robot	| @Lead Moderator
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