Keys are used to open a LootboxesLootbox better lootboxes require more keys to open and in better leagues you need more keys to open a lootbox more information on that is on each of the lootbox pages

Keys can be bought in 1shop key for LapisLapis or for RubyRuby

Ruby keys can be bought with the   1shop key ruby command for 500 RubyRuby

Lapis keys can be bought with the 1shop key lapis command for 2500 LapisLapis

Note:Buying keys with lapis is far better since rubies have a better use.

LootboxesLootboxes in Discraft
Normal lootboxNormalUncommon lootboxUncommonRare lootboxRareLegendary lootboxLegendaryUltimate lootboxUltimateMythic lootboxMythic
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