The Halloween Event is the 4th event in Discraft.

It started on October 1st and will end on November 1st. 1event boo - Signs in (24-hour cooldown) and gives user a 2019-halloween-ghostGhost
2019-halloween shovelHalloween pickaxe | 2019-halloween axeHalloween pickaxe | 2019-halloween pickaxeHalloween pickaxe
Every time a user digs they have a chance to find a 2019-halloween-stickStick (1% chance every dig)
They can use 7 2019-halloween-ghostGhost and 3 2019-halloween-stickStick to craft a Halloween tool.
1event craft <pickaxe/axe/shovel>.
Fun Fact:The Halloween event is the first event to have uniquely shaped tools.

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