The enchant command upgrades your tool with enchantments! You can buy an enchantment book with RubyRuby and apply it using LapisLapis. There are different chances to successfully apply an enchantment.
  • You can access the enchant store with 1shop enchant
  • To buy enchants, use the 1shop enchant-<item/tool name>
Example: 1shop enchant efficiency-2
  • To enchant an item, use 1enchant <enchant>-<level>
Example: 1enchant efficiency-2
  • To put or take an enchant in or out of a ChestChest, use 1chest <put/take> <enchantment>-<level>-book <amount or all>
  • Enchantment books have a fail chance, you won't always succeed in enchanting a tool.
  • They can only be used on 1 tool, even if you don't fail.

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