The Donator pickaxeDonator Pickaxe is part of the Donator toolsetDonator Toolset. When used properly in the Overworld dimensionOverworld dimension, it can mine DiamondDiamond, EmeraldEmerald, LapisLapis, RubyRuby, CoalCoal, and Lava crystalLava Crystal without enchantments. It has a cooldown of 2.0s and a repair price of 13700 to 68500.


To get the Donator Pickaxe, you need to Donatingdonate $1 to Discraft to purchase the Donator toolsetDonator Toolset.


To use the Donator Pickaxe, you need to have repaired your current tool first, then send the 1switch Donator Pickaxe command to gather MaterialsMaterials with it. Once you have it equipped, you can then send the 1mine (or 1m as a shortcut) command. The Donator Pickaxe also works with an Auto drillAuto Drill, and can be repaired with an Infinite toolInfinite Tool.


Without PrestigePrestige or EnchantingEnchantments, the Donator Pickaxe will yield the following amounts of MaterialsMaterials on each use.

MaterialsMaterials Qty per
Qty per
1use auto-drill
Qty per
1use tnt
DiamondDiamond 51 - 100 Unknown 37,500
EmeraldEmerald 51 - 100 Unknown 37,500
LapisLapis 26 - 50 Unknown 19,000
RubyRuby 11 - 25 None None
CoalCoal 26 - 50 Unknown 19,000
Lava crystalLava Crystal 1 - 1 None None

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