The Dark matter pickaxeDarkmatter Pickaxe can be obtained by using the 1store command. It has a cooldown of 2.0s and a repair price of 15510 to 77550.EmeraldEmerald

Price =100 Thousands CoinsCoin (100,000)

MaterialsMaterials Qty per
Qty per
1use auto-drill
Qty per
1use tnt
DiamondDiamond 11-25 Unknown Unknown
IronIron 11-25 Unknown Unknown
EmeraldEmerald 11-25 Unknown Unknown
LapisLapis 3-5 Unknown Unknown
RubyRuby 1-2 Unknown Unknown

Fun Fact

How to switch to dark matter is the most asked switching related question in the Affluent Productions Server. The command is 1switch dark matter pickaxe it's always confusing because people aren't sure if there is a -, no space, if capital is needed, etc.

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