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Whether they're cooperative or challenge-focused within, Clans will always be competitive externally — it is the essence of the collective, that any external pressure be met with unity and force! Members of a clan will take a certain proprietary pride in their affiliation, even if there may be disquiet within.

Playing Discraft together, whether for mutual aid or for mutual destruction, is by far better than playing alone! Most clans will have their own clan hall, in the form of their own Discord server, which most likely will have dedicated channels and the Discraft bot installed, so that you can play on their server, locally. They may offer their own rewards to members, but the real value of clans is in the boosts that they offer in-game. These apply no matter where you play Discraft, as long as you remain a member of the clan.

Current Clans (Top Money)

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Current Clans (Top Members)

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