A Care-packageCare Package is a third-party extension to Discraft, added by Robo the Robot, the first player with the Mod Tools Donatingdonator toolset.

Locko is the "face" of the Packerinos' operation which administers the Care Package system.

Robo controls a roleplayed character named Locko, who administers the Care Package system.

" Hello, I'm Locko. I'm in charge of the security and safety of the locks issued on the packages issued from the Packerino Factory in Planet 1337A. The operator requested me to be a bit nicer to everyone I guess... *click click*

So what's a care package? Imagine a lootbox, but it doesn't need their keys. Now imagine that the keys are actually questions or something like that. Answer them correctly and you get it, and maybe a bonus if you get that too. *click*

When you want a care package, you select the categories presented below, or reroll if you don't have any that you want. Then, you answer the question, and the bonus if you choose to, and you get your rewards after trading the operator. "

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