There are many different axes available for chopping Any wood wood in Discraft, including some that will be familiar to most Minecraft players, and some that are totally out of this world! As a brand new Discraft player, you begin with a Wood axewood axe, so you never have to punch wood in Discraft! From there you can collect the MaterialsMaterials you'll need to craft other tools. Gathering even more materials, you'll soon be able to craft other readily recognizable axes such as the Stone axestone axe, Gold axegold axe, Iron axeiron axe, and Diamond axediamond axe.

Beyond this point we get into the weird and wonderful! Crafting alone will no longer help you, and you'll need to unlock new tool sets before you can purchase them from the StoreStore. Some of these unique axes will only work in other DimensionsDimensions, such as the Nether dimensionNether and the End dimensionEnd.

To use any axe for chopping, first switch to it with the 1switch command, then use the 1chop or 1c command.

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