💠Paradox logoParadox is currently the top clan in Discraft, by reason of having the most members, and having the most money in their clan account and max all clan upgrades. There are even 4 staffStaff badge from the Official Discraft server.

💠Current StaffStaff badge on ParadoxParadox logo 

👑Leader Robo

♔Co-Leader Steve

♕Moderator Riley


🔷Come on over to the Paradox! No requirements here! This clan, unlike the other clans currently has:

🔶#1 spot in Staff badgeStaff Membership!

🔷#1 spot in Members👥 Leaderboard!

🔶#1 spot in Money💵 Leaderboard!

🔷#1 spot in Clan XP!

🔶All clan upgrades maxed out!

🔷The one and only ruby and beta donator here!Beta pickaxe

🔶The only clan that has reached 150 members!👥

🔷The first two players in the game who had randomly found a Crystalized flare pickaxeCrystalized Flare from mining were here!

🔶Programmers🖥, designers🖌 and more!

🔷Only clan that can give giveaway🎁 rewards to any league

🔶Several, super duper highly leveled members over level 100, rich and godly people zooming forth at warp speed for the Radioactive leagueRadioactive league and Radioactive PickaxeRadioactive pickaxe not to mention Prestige3Prestige 3 for that Nebula pickaxeNebula pickaxe and Prestige5Prestige 5 for the Hyper Nova pickaxeHyper Nova pickaxe

💠Upon joining the clan, you will get:

🔷250% MORE XP per chop, mine or dig! OVER TRIPLE XP!

🔶Fame for being in the best staffed clan!

🔷Meeting with the top players and more!

🔶Exclusive access to meet, text and voice chat🔊 with the coolest and friendliest players!

🔷So, why settle for the other petty clans with crude XP bonuses and less experienced staff that always spam a barrage of irrelevant advertisements in DMs to all you choppers, miners and diggers out there?

🔶Join now by PMing or stating in any chatting channels to Robo#0001, Steve#6095, Riley#7869

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